Think about it.

Thinking is actually hard to do, so much so that a lot of people avoid it. Instead of thinking, they use their learning to short circuit the need to use their thinking mind. This works great for a lot of things, but it does get in the way when you really need to think about something.

It is also the leading reason why people get into a rut. They have already learned something, so they don’t need to think about it anymore, or they have been trained to think in a certain way at an early age, and don’t recognize that they never really considered another viewpoint. This usually causes considerable confusion when the person runs into someone who was taught something very different.

The next time someone tells you something, fully investigate what they are telling you. Often what people really want is for you to think like them. If everyone thinks like them, then they won’t have to think as much. Things will just stay the way they always were. See how this is problem? Laziness in thinking prevents all progress.